Submission (now open for 4th issue)

Submission of abstracts for the 4th issue is open until 15th May 2019. 

In the tabs to the right you will find:

Editorial Guidelines – full Editorial Guidelines and additional notes on how to prepare an abstract and a research paper.
Why was my paper rejected? by William Wei and Anna Kowalik – article on writing academic papers published in the 2nd issue of ICAR

Peer-reviewing policy – here you can read in detail about our standards for peer-reviewing. We explain the stages of the process and publish documents like reviewer’s forms and instruction on how to respond to reviews. We advice to read this section to be able to adjust your paper to reviewers’ requirements.

Copyright and permissions – the Licence to Publish and Author’s checklist explained, along with examples of these documents filled correctly.

Publishing procedure – all the steps of publishing an issue of “ICAR”, from Call for Papers to print.

Documents to download – all the documents from previous tabs gathered together to read and download.